Saturday, 5 May 2007

1) Collect a suitable branch. Pick one that you like the most. Some people choose the wood very carefully for its special meaning or properties. If that is you, you may need to search around more attentively.

2) Cut the wand to a suitable size. Cut the wand to a length that reaches from your middle finger to your elbow. The wand can be cut to any size you wish but it should be at least 4 inches in length.

3) Scrape all the bark off it. Or, leave some bark on it if you prefer a more gnarled, natural appearance to your wand.

4) Round off the ends using a cutting knife. Do this very carefully so as not to cut yourself. For those of you making a wand for fun (for example, Harry Potter fans), you can stop here if you like. Your wand is created.

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